Friday, June 6, 2014

Still recovering

Still working on getting stronger. Have not made it out to hook up my antenna. By the time evening comes along I'm just to exhausted. In time, in time.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Life Update

Well it has been some time since I've posted to my blog. A lot has happened in my life since my last post. I hope to get back to the radio soon and start posting my finds. But for those that are wondering where I've been here's what's happened.
In January I went to visit a friend in Washington, I was to be gone only 3 weeks. Well on the 25th three days before I was to come home, I got sick with a fever of 103.8 my friend took my to the emergency room, they admitted me. The next day I went into respiratory failure. They intubated me and air lifted my to Providence hospital in Everett, Wa. I had gotten sick with the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) and had double pneumonia. The put me in an induced coma and i remained in critical and unstable condition for just a few days short of one month. I was on a rotary bed, because of the pneumonia, and because of the great amount of fluid in my lungs the pressure from the ventilator ruptured my right lung. They told my parents that I had less than 5% chance to live and it was minute by minute.
Then end of February I began improving and the transported my to Kindred hospital in Seattle. I remained in ICU for 2 weeks then on to a private room. Then end of March I was taken to a rehabilitation facility and worked on getting my strength and endurance up. I left that place the middle of April. I was not able to fly back home (because I had had a punctured lung the dr thought it best I didn't fly) My friend I had gone to visit was moving back here to Michigan. So earlier this month we made the 4 day drive home.
I'm glad I'm alive, I had so many people praying for me. Everyone says I'm a walking miracle. I'm working on getting my strength back and my lungs working properly. They say it may take up to a year to get back to normal, but they also say my lungs my never quite get back to normal. But I'm alive and I'm thankful.
When I got home I turned on my computer, and the only thing that was running was the fan, well I took it in and long story short I have a new computer (motherboard crapped out). I've spent the last couple days re-installing my shortwave software. I think I've got all the programs set up and ready to go. I'll have to take my old hard drive in and get my databases off it.
I will say I've missed you guys on IRC but I'll be on there in the next few days.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Logs for 'short' evening of 11/20/13

21934  22:00  San Francisco Aero- USA/Dixon, CA, 344  HFDL
17480u ALE
22:07 This is DEVIL6BDE
22:09 to PAL
 (USCG-Cutter Kingfisher-WPB 87322)
22:09 to PALERIDBD
22:09 this was DEVIL6

17500u ALE
 22:15 to DEVIL7BDECMD cmd lqa request response this is DEVIL6BDECMD
22:15 to DEVIL6BDECMD cmd lqa request response this is DEVIL7BDECMD
 22:15 to DEVIL7BDECMD to DEVIL7BDECMD][cmd lqa request no response this is DEVIL6BDECMD
22:16 this was DEVIL6BDECMD

12218u  ALE
22:18 this is 0041PACAP
22:18 this is 0041MECAP this is 0041ME

12222u ALE
22:26 this was D31
(CBP  P-3C Slick, Omaha 31SK)

12015  22:23  Voice of Korea- Korea, Rep./Kujang, Language: Spanish, Target: Europe 223  

11910  22:33  NHK Radio Japan- Japan/Yamata (kan-iba), Language: Japanese, Target: Far East 233  

11855  22:35  Rádio Aparecida- Brazil/Aparecida, Language: Portuguese, Target: Brazil 333  

11810  22:41  KBS World Radio- Korea, Rep./Kimjae, Language: English, Target: Europe 223  
  Heard ’You’re listening to the Voice of Korea’

11764  22:44  Super Rádio Deus é Amor- Brazil/Curitiba, Language: Portuguese, Target: South America 344  

11750  22:45  China National Radio 1- China, People’s Rep./Shijiazhuang, Language: Mandarin, Target: China 233  

11740  22:48  CNR 2 China Business R.- China, People’s Rep./Lingshi, Language: Chinese, Target: China 233  

11680  22:52  KCBS Pyongyang- Korea, Rep./Kujang, Language: Korean, Target: Korea 223  

9855  23:11  Radio Australia- United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi/Dhabayya, Language: English, Target: Indonesia 323  

9765  23:18  China Radio Int.- China, People’s Rep./Nanning, Language: Khmer, Target: South East Asia 233  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Logs for a short evening of 11/08/13 

6925  02:26 Pirate  Radio True North 233

6050  02:39  HCJB Voice of Andes- Ecuador/, Language: Spanish, Target: South America 333   

5975  02:42  Voice of Vietnam 1- Vietnam - North/Hanoi, Language: Vietnamese, Target: Vietnam 233  

5960  02:45  PBS Xinjiang- China, People’s Rep./Urumqi, Language: Mandarin, Target: China 444   

5649  02:58  Gander Aero- Canada - Newfoundland/Gander NL, 344     

5550  03:00  KEA5 New York Aero- United States of America/Riverhead,  344   

5598  03:02  KEA5 New York Aero- United States of America/Riverhead  344   
3125 03:32 ANDVT (secure voice encryption mode) then heard.. radio check... (thanks Token)

8581 04:06 Saab MHF-50 modem, is military posibble South African? 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hi guys,
Been gone for a bit and away from the radio.

Logs for evening of 10/27/2013

21964  20:26  New York Aero- United States of America/Riverhead 233  

20000  20:42  WWV Colorado (m.ann.)- United States of America/Fort Collins, 344  
17720  21:25  Radio Habana Cuba- Cuba/La Habana, Language: Spanish, Target: Europe 455  
17540  21:32  NHK Radio Japan- United States of America/Cypress Creek, Language: Portugues, Target: South America 345   21:30-21:33: Opening with ID followed by news  (audio file here)

16350  22:01  ALE  This is 0009TNCAP

15525  22:36  HCJB Australia- Australia/Kununurra, Language: Japanese, Target: Far East 233  
15505  22:39  China Radio Int.- Mali/Bamako, Language: Mandarin, Target: North Africa 222  
2119 17928 HFDL Aircraft .ZS-SXD flight SAA207 OR Tambo (south Africa) to Dakar

2200 16350 ALE this is 0009TNCAP

2226 15685 unid possible Adventist world radio Sri Lanka (heard religious song at ID) 22315505  22:39  China Radio Int.- Mali/Bamako, Language: Mandarin, Target: North Africa 222  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Have not been on for a while. Was out of town. Been sick lately with jaw pain, they say I have TMJ. No fun. But I did get on the radio a bit tonight. And hear is a few that I found.

13224  23:06  ALE   Brazilian Military- This was SA2

12085  23:21  China Radio Int.- China, People’s Rep./Xian English, Target: Mongolia 233  
12045  23:26  China National Radio 1- China, People’s Rep./Beijing Chinese, Target: China 222  
12010  23:30  BBC- Thailand/Nakhon Sawan English, Target: Far East 222    

9820  23:45  CNR 2 China Business R.- China, People’s Rep./Xian Chinese, Target: China 333  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I have not been on the radio much. Had company and had a lot of running to and fro :). Today I listened at my friends house, and will be for the next couple of weeks. Her main computer died, so I'm using and old back up. Doesn't want to run my Excalibur software and my database and my decoder and...irc well you get it. So a lot of postings will be broadcast station, not a lot of utilities.

So here is my logs for the afternoon of 9/12/13

17715  15:40  Radio Exterior España- Spain/Noblejas Spanish, Target: South America 434  
15:40-15:47: Various announcements made by OM and YL

17615  15:50  BSKSA Holy Quran- Saudi Arabia/Riyadh Arabic, Target: East Africa 333  
15:50-15:52: Music (chanting type)

15708 16:56:01 this was FC4FEM
16:57:11 this was FC1FEM


15735  16:13  Radio Cairo- Egypt/Abis Urudu, Target: Iran 232  
15725  16:15  Radio Dabanga- Vatican City/Santa Maria di Galer Arabic, Target: Sudan 344  
16:15-16:18: Two OM’s interview. Heard a fly buzz by the mic. Various women in the background.

15710  16:19  BBC- United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi/Dhabayya Hindi, Target: South Asia 233  
  ALE signal sounded right on top of the signal

15650  16:23  Voice of Greece- Greece/Avlis Greek, Target: Asia 233  
16:23-16:25: Music

15640  16:26  Voice of America- Germany, Fed. Rep./Biblis Tibetan, Target: Tibet 233  

15620  16:47  Voice of America- Kuwait/Kuwait Somali, Target: East Africa 233  

15580  16:50  Voice of America- Botswana/Moepeng Hill English, Target: Africa 233  
15520  16:55  Voice of Turkey- Turkey/Emirler English, Target: Asia 233  

15720  17:02  Voice of America- USA/Greenville Portuguese, Target: Africa 233  
17:02-17:04: News

15700  17:04  Deutsche Welle- England/Woofferton French, Target: Africa 233  
17:04-17:05: News with ID

15690  17:05  Radio Taiwan Int.- France/Issoudun English, Target: Central Africa 233  

15570  17:08  Radio Vaticana- Vatican City/Santa Maria di Galer French, Target: East Africa 234  
17850  17:11  Radio France Int.- France/Issoudun French, Target: Central Africa 344  
17:11-17:14: Music in English followed by French OM announcer

17830  17:22  BBC- Ascension Island/Ascension English, Target: Central Africa 223  
17795  17:25  BBC- Ascension Island/Ascension English, Target: West Africa 233  
17755  17:26  Radio Exterior España- Spain/Noblejas Spanish, Target: Africa 233  

17745  17:27  Sudan Radio Service- England/Woofferton Arabic, Target: Sudan 233  
  Heard OM annoucer mention Sudan

17620  17:29  Radio France Int.- France/Issoudun French, Target: Central Africa 233  

17515  17:34  Bible Voice- Germany, Fed. Rep./Nauen Armenian, Target: East Africa 233  
17:34-17:36: Music in English

15530  17:43  Radio Liberty- Germany, Fed. Rep./Lampertheim Russian, Target: Caucasus 233    

15480  17:46  BBC- United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi/Dhabayya Arabic, Target: Sudan 222  

15445  17:48  NHK Radio Japan- Germany, Fed. Rep./Nauen Japanese, Target: Middle East 233  

15435  17:49  BSKSA 1- Saudi Arabia/Riyadh Arabic, Target: Europe 334  
17:49-17:51: YL announcer with music in background followed by OM announcer

15400  17:51  BBC- Ascension Island/Ascension English, Target: West Africa 233  
17:51-17:52: News

15390  17:53  ESAT Radio- Bulgaria/Sofia Amharic, Target: Ethiopia 233

15300  17:57  Radio France Int.- France/Issoudun French, Target: West Africa 212  

15710  18:01  Radio Cairo- Egypt/Abis English, Target: Nigeria 122  
  ALE over top

15455  18:04  Voice of America- Sri Lanka/Iranawila Afrikans, Target: South Africa 233  

15275  18:07  Deutsche Welle- Rwanda/ Hausa, Target: Nigeria 344  
18:07-18:10: News

15180  18:08  BBC- England/Woofferton French, Target: North Africa 334  

15105  18:10  BBC- Ascension Island/Ascension French, Target: West Africa 233  

15245  18:12  Voice of Korea- Korea, Dem. People’s Rep./Kujang English, Target: Europe 233  
  First time I’ve recieved this station in english and could hear it fairly clearly

13870  18:24  Voice of America- Germany, Fed. Rep./Nauen Amharic, Target: East Africa 233  

13907u 1825 USCG ALE this was J19 (MH-60J, Juliet 19)
1833 this was J08 (MH-60J, Juliet 08)
1847 ALE to Z27 (Sector San Francisco, CA) this is TXR
1847 ALE to LNT (CAMSLANT Chesapeake on COTHEN) this was N05 (HC-114A, CG 2305)
VOICE didn't catch much OM something about a flight number to YL (LNT) who said if there's nothing further
ALE this was N05
then came on with voice mentioned san francisco several times.

13765  18:27  Radio Vaticana- Vatican City/Santa Maria di Galer Portuguese, Target:  233  
  Target is AGL off air at 1830

13740  18:36  Radio France Int.- France/Issoudun French, Target: Tibet 223  
13700  18:39  China Radio Int.- China, People’s Rep./Urumqi Mandarin, Target: South Europe 233  

13650  18:45  Radio Kuwait- Kuwait/KABD Arabic, Target: North America 334  

13640  18:54  All India Radio GOS- India/Bangalore Arabic, Target: Middle East 233  

13620  18:55  Radio France Int.- France/Issoudun Russian, Target: Eastern Europe 234  

15205  19:07  Adventist World Radio- France/Issoudun Fulani, Target: West Africa 223  

15130  19:12  NHK Radio Japan- France/Issoudun Japanese, Target: Central Africa 233